about us

The History

Xenia International began its roots in 1954, when Simeon Hatzilias started creating and manufacturing jewelry in Pireaus, Greece.
His son, Yiannis Hatzilias, grew up in the jewelry manufacturing industry. In 1986 he moved to the United States where he finished college and became active in the diamond trade. Yiannis traveled to Asia, Central America, and Europe buying precious stones and jewelry.  In 2014, he created the AXION Design jewelry line, which is manufactured in Greece.


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The Jewelry

The AXION Design jewelry line is handcrafted from precious metals as well as precious and semiprecious stones and genuine leather.
They are designed to underline the personality of the individual and celebrate the free spirit of men and women wearing the designs.
Their quality is obvious, even to the untrained eye, due to the attention to detail by the jewelers and the high grade materials used in the manufacturing process.

The Philosophy

Bold, significant, unique, and personal.
~ Says it all. ~